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  Grand Prix Hungaria -- 19 Agustus 2001
Jum'at - 17/8
Latihan Bebas 1
Latihan Bebas 2
Sabtu - 18/8
Latihan Bebas 1
Latihan Bebas 2
Minggu - 19/8

Circuit information:

Round Number: 13  
Race Date: 19-08-2001  
Country: Hungary  
City: Budapest (click for location map)  

Circuit Name: Hungaro Ring  
Circuit Length: 3975 m.  
Number of Laps: 77  
Race Length: 306.075 m  

2000 Pole Position: Michael Schumacher  
2000 Winner: Mika Häkkinen  
2000 Fastest Lap: Mika Häkkinen  

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Circuit Description, History, Facts and Figures

Hungarians do not feature heavily in the roll-call of Formula One drivers. In fact the only one we can trace was Ferenc Szisz, who is credited with winning the first ever French Grand Prix, held at Le Mans in 1906. Unable to pronounce his name, the French referred to him as "Francois," a handle he acquired in his role as a travelling mechanic to the founder of Renault. Indeed, it was at the wheel of one of the very first machines to bear the name that he scored his one and only win.

The car was an awesome beast, weighing at one thousand kilos, sporting wooden wheels and a massive 13,000 cc vertical four configuration engine!

The inaugural Hungarian GP was a pre-war event won by the legendary Tazio Nuvolari at the wheel of a Ferrari-entered Alfa Romeo. The first grand prix to be held in Budapest since the inception of the F1 World Championship was the 1986 event and it had the honour of being the first ever race to be held behind what was then considered the Iron Curtain. In front of a record 200,000 crowd it was won by Nelson Piquet. The event was an immediate hit with the F1 folk, as the wealthy Westerners could live like princes, dining on caviar and champagne for a handful of florints. The collapse of Communism means those days are gone, but the beauty of Budapest remains, with its churches, palaces and vast squares a permanent reminder of the glory days of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. When Damon Hill won here in 1993, not only was it his maiden grand prix victory it was also the first ever F1 win for a child of a former grand prix driver. Hill was also the first son of a famous father to win the Championship.

There was a strange smell that greeted the F1 circus when it first arrived in 1986. The Hungaroring was constructed on the sight of a former potato field and what was left of the mouldy potatoes gave it a highly distinctive whiff.

At 2.465 miles (3.968kms) the Hungaroring is the second shortest of the current circuits (after Monaco) and the first race there was stopped after two hours, so slow was the average speed.

Only four teams have won at the Hungaroring. Williams is the most successful team with seven wins, two of which have been one-twos. McLaren have won four times with a similar number of one-twos and Ferrari have won just twice. The other win was taken by Benetton.

The late Ayrton Senna still rates as the most successful driver at the Hungaroring with three wins, while West McLaren Mercedes driver Mika Hakkinen was banned from racing there in 1994 after being deemed to have caused a first corner accident at that year's German Grand Prix.

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