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  Grand Prix Malaysia -- 18 Maret 2001
Jum'at - 16/3
Latihan Bebas 1
Latihan Bebas 2
Sabtu - 17/3
Latihan Bebas 1
Latihan Bebas 2
Minggu - 18/3

Circuit information:

Round Number: 2  
Race Date: 18-03-2001  
Country: Malaysia  
City: Kuala Lumpur (click for location map)  

Circuit Name: Sepang  
Circuit Length: 5543 m.  
Number of Laps: 56  
Race Length: 310.408 m  

2000 Pole Position: Michael Schumacher  
2000 Winner: Michael Schumacher  
2000 Fastest Lap: Mika Häkkinen  

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Circuit Description, History, Facts and Figures  
Malaysia is determined to become more than just an exotic name on the map. Its most remarkable landmark, the Kuala Lumpur Tower is the largest in South East Asia, the fourth highest in the world, standing 421 metres tall.

But now the country has another magnet for world attention: the Sepang F1 Circuit, unanimously praised by the drivers last year. German track designer Hermann Tilke was given the luxury of a clean sheet of paper and the final result is stunning, both in concept and in detail.

A huge grandstand with seating for 30,000 spectators fills the space between the two straights. The visual has been given as much emphasis as the technical; the roof of the grandstand being shaped like a banana leaf. Continuing the floral theme, the shape of the Control Tower roof is taken from the Hibiscus, Malaysia's national flower.

Malaysia looks to have an international motor sport future, even if it has not got much of a past. There was a grand prix of sorts held as far back as 1949 and motor cycle racing has been popular since the Fifties, when one of the star riders went by the exotic name of Bulldog Kwan, the Hell Rider! Indeed, the two wheeled fraternity had the honour of staging the first international event to be run at Sepang back in April. The circuit has some strange natural hazards though.

During the motorcycle grand prix weekend back in 1999, one competitor was very surprised when some debris reared up just before he smacked into it: Cobras are abundant! They were introduced to the country to control the large rat population which does terrible damage to the rubber plants, which still form an important part of Malaysian economy.

If snakes are not your thing, then consider that during practice last year, the TV cameras picked up a leopard walking along the wrong side of the barrier, while the cars were going round the track. Motor racing suddenly got more dangerous than usual!

The downside to the Sepang Circuit which celebrates its first birthday as a grand prix venue this weekend, is the weather, which can be very hot and unpleasantly humid. We are fast approaching the monsoon season and the organisers take this threat very seriously. Last year they employed a "bomoh hujan" or witch doctor to try and delay any storms until after the F1 cars had finished on the track.

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