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  Grand Prix USA -- 30 September 2001
Jum'at - 28/9
Latihan Bebas 1
Latihan Bebas 2
Sabtu - 29/9
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Minggu - 30/9

Circuit information:

Round Number: 16  
Race Date: 30-09-2001  
Country: USA  
City: Indianapolis (click for location map)  

Circuit Name: Indianapolis  
Circuit Length: 4192 m.  
Number of Laps: 73  
Race Length: 305.999 m  

2000 Pole Position: Michael Schumacher  
2000 Winner: Michael Schumacher  
2000 Fastest Lap: David Coulthard  

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Circuit Description, History, Facts and Figures  
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the largest spectator sporting facility in the world, with more than 250,000 permanent seats. The Speedway's two oval events, the Indianapolis 500 in May and the Brickyard 400 in August, are the largest and second-largest single-day spectator sporting events in the world, respectively. More than 200,000 fans are expected for the SAP United States Grand Prix, as reserved tickets were sold out in May 2000. Not all of the grandstands around the oval will be used for this event.

The new road circuit incorporates portions of the famed 2.5-mile oval. Formula One competitors will drive on the short chute between Turns 1 and 2 of the oval, through Turn 1 of the oval and then down the front straight of the oval before entering the infield portion of the circuit just before Turn 4 of the oval. Formula One drivers will drive clockwise on the course, the first time in the 91-year history of the facility that has occurred.

The Indianapolis 500 race was counted as a round of the then newly-formed Formula One World Championship from 1950 to 1960, even though F1 cars were not eligible to take part. No F1 driver ever took part in the 500 when it counted for F1 points.

With this year's event being staged at Indianapolis, the famous Brickyard circuit now takes over from Monza as the oldest track to stage a Formula One grand prix. The Speedway, build in 1909 takes over from Monza which was constructed in 1922.

Apart from the 11 Indy 500 races which counted towards the championship, there have been 43 USA Grands Prix. In 1982, there were three grands prix in the States, in Detroit, Long Beach and Las Vegas. The USA also holds the record for the number of different venues to have staged a grand prix. Apart from Indy and the three mentioned above, races have been held at Sebring, Riverside, Watkins Glen, Michigan, Dallas and Phoenix, which hosted the last USA GP back in 1991.

45 Americans have taken part in F1 grands prix and there have been two American Formula One World Champions; Phil Hill and Mari Andretti. Three others have won grands prix; Ritchie Ginther, Dan Gurney and Peter Revson.

Mario Andretti is the only American to have won a race on home soil when he triumphed in the 1977 US GP. When Andretti won the 1978 Dutch GP, he also became the last American to win a grand prix. John Watson's win in Detroit in 1983 gives the Ulsterman a place in the record books. He had to fight his way through from twenty second place on the grid, the lowest start position ever to be converted into victory in F1.

The first event to start from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was actually a hot air balloon race. Contestants took off from the circuit in 1909, while the track was still under construction! The first Indianapolis 500 was held on 30th May 1911.

The only three drivers still competing in F1, who took part in the last USA GP back in 1991 are Jean Alesi, Johnny Herbert and West McLaren Mercedes driver Mika Hakkinen.

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